Europe & Africa Cable Wakeboard Championships - El Gouna

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19th Europe and Africa Cable Wakeboard & Wakeskate Championships


November 25th – December 2nd 2017 Sliders Cable Park, El Gouna, Egypt

The Egyptian Sailing & Water Ski Federation and the Sliders Cable Park invite all Members Federations of the IWWF E&A Nations to the 

19th Europe and Africa Cable Wakeboard & Wakeskate Championships which will be held in Egypt, El Gouna, Sliders Cable Park,

November 25th – December 2nd 2017

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19th Cable Wakeboard Europe & Africa Championships 2017

November 25th to December 2nd 2017, Sliders Cablepark El Gouna / Egypt

While Europe sees the first snow falling in the Alps, the cable wakeboard scene heads over to Egypt. Sliders Cablepark in El Gouna will host the 19th Cable Wakeboard Europe and Africa Championships. For the very first time, this event will be held on African continent. Around 200 athletes from 19 different nations will compete in all age categories in the disciplines Wakeboard, Wakeskate and Wakeboard seated (disabled). El Gouna is the premier Red Sea holiday destination and with Sliders Cablepark the region got a new attraction built in 2014. With two full size cables, one running in common direction (anti-clockwise) and the second running clockwise, it’s the perfect facility for winter training. Only a few hours flight from central Europe its easy to reach and escape from the cold. Set against the glowing Egyptian desert, the location is truly paradise for riders looking to extend the wakeboard season. The competition will be held on the clockwise cable with a total length of 460 meters, 6 carriers and a height of 10 meters. With a total of four kickers and another four features including fun box, elephant and two small boxes this is going to guarantee awesome action and stylish riding. Judges are expected to see a good mix of feature tricks and spectacular air tricks. In the open women’s division Julia Rick from Germany is the one to beat. The 24-years old from cologne has dominated the scene over the past three years and won every single title in the world, including IWWF world champion and WWA World Titles. In El Gouna she will try to defend her E&A title from last years event in Tel Aviv. With Sanne Meijer from the Netherlands, Julia is facing her biggest opponent for the title. The open men’s division is always hard to forecast, as the level of riding is absolutely crazy. Due to the cancellation from two times champion Guy Firer from Israel, there is space for a new winner. Sam de Haan from the Netherlands, silver medalist in 2016 is one of the big favorites, same as Austria’s Timo Kapl, who just proved that he is back from a shoulder injury. Germany is going to send Miles Töller and Ariano Blanik - from Great Britain the Battleday brothers and Liam Peacock are nominated. All of them have the skills to go for gold. Even harder to forecast will be the junior divisions (age under 19 and under 15). So many talented riders from the whole E&A region pop up every year. Maybe it’s the time for one of the upcoming stars from France, Poland, Hungary, Russia and many more.

Preliminary Timetable

Sunday, 26th Opening ceremony and official practice youth and senior

Monday, 27th till Wednesday 29th Youth and Senior championships Wakeboard & Wakeskate (qualification till finals)

Thursday, 28th Qualification Open Men and Open Women Wakeboard & Wakeskate

Friday, 1st of December Semi finals and finals Open Men and Open Women Prize giving and closing ceremony

Live stream & live results:

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