Thankfully, forecast is with us, the weather is picking up and we’re kicking off the summer with lots of fun activities and NIGHT RIDING!! 
What better way to spend your Wednesday's evening!

You are not a rider? Grab a dinner with BBQ twist, sip a cocktail or two, as we have HAPPY HOURS 7PM - 9PM or seat on the bridge and enjoy the magnificent view of the show as well :-) it is the perfect spot to chill with your friends and shoot the best pictures!

Come out to experience wakeboarding under the light.

It will be 20 Euro to ride from 7PM - 9PM and if you need to rent equipment it will be an additional 5 Euro. 
BBQ starts with Iftar time, 6.25 PM and cost 10 Euro included tamar hindi drink.

Don't forget swimming pool apparel ;-) as our pool is lighted and ready to use :-) with some nice tune around

We’ll finish the evening with a lottery - anyone who participates in a night ride will take part in the draw to win 2h pass :-)

Looking forward to seeing everyone!

NIGHT RIDE | SLIDERS | MAY 15th | Wednesday | 7PM-9PM|

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